For us light does not only have a essentials function. It has the ability to give rooms a different atmosphere. Thus, the same place, it is under clinically and tidily lighting, with difference warm lighting and Cozy to operation. Light always keep our emotions. Therefore, Our Lighting Designers will direct conversation with our customers. In our Berlin office and the associated showroom, we plan and present lighting projects with up-to-date lighting design software, samples of applications and classically with paper and pencil. As part of lighting planning, our customers receive personal advice. The focus is on current lighting trends as well as individual ideas and wishes. With a summary we conclude the brainstorming to complete the design of the light project. When developing the lighting concept, we stand on compliance from standard rules, the high quality of the luminaires and the quality of the light. At the same time, we are doing the greatest value to the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of lighting projects. If you are interested to develop your Lighting Project, please feel free to contact us.

Steffen Schmidt (Planning, Management)

Since 2008 Owner
Master Electrician
Lighting Designer

Sophie Chan (Planning, Showroom)

Since 2013 work in LUMEsLICHT (Lighting Designer)
Diploma in Building Studies, Architecture
Diploma Interior & Environmental Design, Interior Design

Sandra Klösges (Planung, Showroom)

Since 2015 for LUMEsLICHT (Lighting Designer)
B.A. Lighting Design

Alessandro D’Onofrio (Lighting Designer, Showroom)

Since 2017 by LUMEsLICHT (Lichting Designer)
Master in Civil Engineering Architecture
Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italia
Master in Lighting Design (Lighting Designer)
Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italia