LUMEsLICHT from Berlin stands for creative lighting solutions. Be it a feel-good atmosphere in the private environment, in the office, gastronomy or education, whether atmospheric light for the shop, church and venues or special visual tasks in the health sector and industry: LUMEsLICHT offers professional solutions for all application areas and implements them with you.

Interior lighting

Office floor, Reception, Single Office, Director’s office, Meeting Room, Workplace Policy, Screen space suitable, UGR 19, 500lx, Micro-prismatic, Basic Lighting, Workplace Lighting, Direct Indirect, Edge Illumination, Light Color, Recessed Luminaires, Pendant Luminaires, Surface mounted light, linear lighting, Surface lighting, Floor lighting, Desk lighting, Coved lighting, Presence Detection, Daylight control, Budget, Energy requirement

Outdoor Lighting

Buildings, Towers, Facades, Bridges, Tunnel, Street, Stadiums, Squares, Paths, Parks, Parking Spaces, Parking Garages, Underground Garages, Astro Steering, Switches to Night Operation , Degree of Protection IP67, Surface Temperature, Load Capacity,Vandal Proof , Suitable for Seawater, Orientation, Mast Distances, Grammatic , Facade Structure, Window Reveals, Building Drawings, Planting Plan, Trees, House Number Lighting, Ceiling and Wall Lighting, Bollard Lighting, Ground Recessed Spotlights, Spotlights and Foodlights, Pole-top Lights, High-Power Floodlights, Profile Lighting Strips, Effect Lighting, DMX Control, Motion Detectors, Twilight Switch, Time Switch

Emergency lighting

Education, Office, Medical, Gastronomy, Hotel, Event, Shop, Car dealerships, Museum, Public, Industry, Exteriors, Skyscraper, Single Battery, Central Battery, 3h Operating Time, 8h Operating Time, VDE 0108 part 100, EN1838, EN50172, EN50171 , Central Battery System, Switchover time, Group battery system, Single Battery Monitoring System, Multi Digit, DALI, Single battery technology, Escape Sign luminaires, Detection Range, Safety Luminaires, Nominal illuminance , Escape Route, Rescue Surface, Planning, Calculation, Quantity List

Light Management

Planning, Delivery und Connation, Smart Home, LED Dimming, DALI, 1-10V, IOS, Android, HUE, Casambi, Presence Detector, Daylight Dependent, Twilight Switch, Timer, Radio Control, RGBW, Circadian Light, Dynamic Light, Energy Efficiency, Light Group, Lighting Scenes, Touch Panel, Programming, Commissioning, Admission, Document


Shopping Centers, Shopping Chain, Retail, Showrooms, Presentation, Shop Windows, Warehouse, Back Office, Sales Promotion, Accent Lighting, Product Lighting, Color Rendering, Illuminance, Visibility, Lighting Systems, Busbars, Swing Spotlights, Pendant Lights, Eyecatcher, Shelf Lighting, RGB Elements, Theme Control, Special LED Baked Goods, Special LED Meat, Special LED Color Fresh, LED Coves on sale


Kindergarten, School, Gymnasium, University, Training Center, Lobby, Library, Mensa, Auditorium, Sports Halls, Sports Fields, Lighting Standards, Uniformity, Blackboard Lighting, Thematic Classrooms, Presence Detection , Master-Slave Modules, Economy, Ecological, Central Control DALI, Stadium Lighting, Ball proof


Senior Home, Hospital, Doctor’s office, Pharmacy, Salt dome, Physiotherapy, Gym, Registration, Waiting area, Treatment room, Patient room, Healthy Light, Wellness lighting, Dynamic light, Circadian light, Color Effects, Area illumination, Dementia Lighting, LED Clean Room Lights, OP Lighting, LED System for X-ray and Tomography Rooms, LED Area Lights with Daylight Simulation, Nightlight, Orientation Lighting, DALI Control, Nursery Central

Gastronomy / Event

Hotel, Restaurant, Lounges, Bar, Event, Club, Kitchens, Backoffice, Topics relatedness , Effects, Furnishing theme, Furnishing colors, Lighting level, Dimming, Light color, Work light, Feel-good Atmosphere, Basic lighting, Theater lighting, Stage lighting, Object lighting, Moving Heads, Spotlights, Traverse, DMX-Standard

Apartment – Property

House, Apartment, Loft, Villa, Terrace, Garden Area, Pool, Entrance Area, Dressing Room, Bathrooms, Cook, Eat, Music, Video, Kinde, Work, Relax, Sleep, Garage, Economic Areas, Architecture, Decorating Style, Colour, Feel Good, Design Lights, Linear Lighting, Floor Lamps, Spotlights, Recessed Luminaires, LED Coves, Light Art, Accentuation, Detection, Dimming, KNX Control, Simple, Automatic, Smart Home


Interior Exhibition, Exteriors, Workshop, Service, Vehicle Handover, Presentation Area, Sales Store, Reflection, Vehicle Production, Play Paint Colours, Rail System, Swiveling Spotlights, Pendant Lights, Monuments, Exhibitions, Galleries, Images, Objects, Accent lighting intensity, Recognizability, Contrast, Color Rendering, Monument Protection, Light Compatibility, UV Radiation, Rail, Swiveling Spotlights, Focusable, Showcases Light Systems, Wall washer

Public Areas

Authorities, Offices, Institute, Bank, Post, Police, Federal, State, Airport, Stations, Public Transport, Staircases, Elevators, Corridors, Entrance Areas, Parking Garages, Normative Specifications, Daylight, Artificial Light , Switches to Night Operation , Handrails, DALI Control , Brightness Zones, Light color, Degree of Protection, Central Operation, Sustainability


Manufacturers, Business Premises , Production Hall, Warehouse, Logistics Center, Office, Light Intensity, Color Rendering, Glare Control, Temperature Range, Food and Beverage Industry DIN 0105, Workplace Lighting, Workplace Equipment, Continuous-Row Systems, Hall Pendant Lights, Indoor Spotlights, Reflector, Refractor, Free-Radiated, Wall Mounting Bracket , Central DALI control

Electrical installation

Installation, Professional Assembly, Connection Work, Building Automation, Distributor, Switching and Plug-in Devices, Smoke Detector, Network Technology, ELA Technology, Sound Technology, DORMA System, Electric Charging Stations, USV Battery Systems, Customer Service, Repair and Maintenance